The Power of Sacrifice

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This book picks the truth from the Scriptures and gives narratives with several examples both in the Scriptures and present day realities to give an indisputable reality of the power of sacrifice. Nations like Libya, Somali, Iraq, Tunisia just to mention a few are where they are today because of how they handled sacrifice.
You as an individual may be going through severe hardship because of how you have treated sacrifice. The essence of the Power of Sacrifice is to help you sort out yourself and not become a victim of the Power of Sacrifice. As it is to individuals, so it is for organizations and nations. Any despise of a sacrifice made has deep consequences.
I believe that this book will open your eyes of understanding thereby helping you to avert calamities.

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Do you recognize that you are where you are today as a result of sacrifices of certain individuals. This begins with your parents and goes on through several others including your national leaders. These sacrifices carry potential powers that anyone who neglects them pays dearly for not appreciating and honoring the individual that made such sacrifices.