Seed of Destiny – New book – hardcover



In my book you will find out whose seed you carry and how to fully enjoy your life here on earth and thereafter.

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Destiny is not about too many activities or acquisitions, but about living a purposeful life, impacting your generation, leaving a legacy, and bowing out gracefully.

Have you ever wondered why out of the billions of cells released for conception, you came number one while the rest died off? You were enrolled into the life race from conception; you started life’s competition while in the womb; you did your first 100-meter race in the womb and the most interesting thing is that you won the race at a point when you could not see, think, talk or hear well. There was nobody cheering you but you made it. What do you think made you win such a race? It is simply the power of destiny at work. God is the just referee who declared you a winner and on the day you were born, announced to the world that a champion is born. You are born a champion!


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Seed of Destiny

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